This tool can be used to get an example overview of the data used and generated in the project open_FRED. The acronym stands for "open Feed-in time series based on a Renewable Energy Database". The goal of the project was to take weather and powerplant data and calculate the expected energy feedin over time for differen scenarios. It is possible to display and download a subset of the very large datasets. Full data can be accessed via the OpenEnergyPlatform (OEP).

NOTICE: Interfaces to the database are still under development. For that reason queries can take long to finish.

Weather Data

The weather data were simulated at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and cover Germany and its closer surroundings in a dense grid. Every point within the Grid includes 15 weather variables broken down to heights between 0 and 240 meters. Variables are calculated for several years with a resolution of 15 minutes. Access all weather data on the OEP

Power Plants

Power plants shown in the app are taken from the open_eGo project. On the OEP you can download all powerplants used in this app. At the time of these projects, no comprehensive power plant dataset for Germany is available. Recently the German Federal Network Agency has published its internal data called MaStR. However at the time of this writing the published data are still incomplete. A MaStR dump is available on the OEP as well.

Feedin Time Series

Feedin time series were caculated based on the extensive weather data and set of power plants. It is possible to use different dataset like MaStR with the developed feedinlib. Currently shown data in this tool is for wind energy in the year 2016 and uses the open_eGo powerplant data.

Power Plant Register

Select a type of powerplant in this menu. When you click on the map, it will load all powerplants of that type within the selected state. Loading may take a while. Click on another state to load new data.

Choose one powerplant type

Weather Data

Click on the map to load the closest weather data points. You can then click on one of the loaded points to to display the weather data over the selected time period for a given height and variable. The download can take some time, depending on how much data you required.

Start date
End date

Feedin-Time Series

Select a technology and click on one of the regions in the map. The energy fed into the electricity grid will be displayed on a graph inside a popup. Currently the plot in the popup window shows calculated data that still need to be revised.